Chandeleur Island Brewing Company, Sonic and Coffee Connection Open at GPT

Gulfport-Biloxi is thrilled to bring our passengers new and exciting food concepts by Faber. The Grand Opening of Chandeleur Island Brewing Company, Sonic and Coffee Connection was held April 26 at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. The new food and beverage offerings bring a welcome mix of local cuisine, craft beer and coffee as well as nationally recognized fast-food favorites. 

About Faber:

For over 170 years, we have satisfied travelers with news, gifts, books, and cafes, and we continue serving millions of customers in airports, train terminals, interstate thruways, hotels, and office buildings today.

From travel essentials to unique specialty boutiques, Faber has the knowledge and skill to develop the right concession program for you.

Faber’s conservative growth philosophy is to select the right locations, ensure profitability and fulfill the needs of the traveler. Dedication to our four main business fundamentals – Experience & Stability, Customer Focus, Performance & Creativity, and Flexibility – are what helps us turn ideas into reality.