GPT Concludes 15-year Noise Mitigation Program

The Gulfport-Biloxi International airport has recently concluded its 15-year Noise Mitigation Program. This noise abatement project was designed to minimize the impact of aircraft noise from the airport onto its surrounding homes, apartments and a school through sound insulation and easement acquisition. It was funded through a combination of federal FAA grants as well as State and Airport matches.

As a result:

  • Homes Sound Insulated – 790
  • Apartments Sound Insulated – 18
  • Schools Sound Insulated -1
  • Parcels Acquired – 10
  • Avigation Easements – 311

Program Funding:

Total Program Dollars From 2005-2020 = $42,454,070

  • FAA Federal Grants – $39,889,682
  • State Match – $1,282,194
  • Airport Match – $1,282,194
 Click on the image below to view the interactive project map.